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About Me


My Beginnings to Current

Since a young age, I've been in love with performing / acting on TV, Video's & Feature Film then going onto teaching  many aspects of the industry  over a course of many years. Coming Soon on this website shall be a variety of Entrepreneurial training DVD'S .  While enjoying working for Top Feature Film / TV Producers, Engineers, Casting Agencies, Media, ect. . With hands on extensive training in multiple areas & massive hours working in a plethora of fields in the entertainment industry, to later have  the hands on know how & ability to assist indie artists & actors excel in there current careers philanthropically for over 26 years. The encouragement of the hierarchy of the Ent. Industry led me not only to study the performing arts, advertising, marketing  & business at incredible college's including Xavier Graduate School. I've also Graduated the: "National Sales Integrity College" Under Professor "Samuel E. Bonfonti"   A Top Salesman Worldwide in whom I'm still great friends with to this day after 20 plus years of my graduation! View my Professional Resume Below: 


My Favorite Work

 NOTHING fills my heart more than being a philanthropist for over 27 years! With well than over 4,770k  Indie Artists! Whether it's Jingle Contests or Providing Sponsored  Celebrity Concerts / teaching them the art of Jingle Creations at the end of the day,  It's the Lifetime friendship with the talent & their  family.  The work I enjoy the most is when I hosted the 2015 New Years Eve Party at a 10 Million Dollar Mansion whereas I sit on the Board of the Ent. Committee where I assist in the rental of the mansion to such stars as Rick Ross, Scottie Boi & others for there video Shoots, at the New Year Eve Party I had the opportunity to bring graduates of my programs to meet one of my celebrity client's like: Khalilah Camacho Ali, Mohamed Ali's first wife. I'm working with her to have her coloring book accepted into the school systems the coloring book teaches morals. The students and Ms. Ali connected and that was so special to me, to my surprise not only was I the host the crowd surprise requested & enjoyed my  performance. Ms. Ali performed the poems of her late husband he went on to be famous for and recounted to the Got Game Graduates how her and Mohamed Ali wrote his catchy famous quotes together!

The best experience I had was when I was honored for teaching over 26 years, advertising, marketing, the art of jingle creation & the music business philanthropically. I was presented my award to the sounds of the, late Great Cuba Gooding Sr. walking to me  on stage serenading me as Cuba presented me with my award. I went on tobecome Cuba's Celebrity Consulting Agent to his Partner for a Project we started working on, that I shall continue to see through to honor his Legacy! Extra added bonus my brother from another mother Benzino of Love & Hip Hop Surprised me on stage and performed as I danced next to him with graduates of our program on stage including my daughter whom is an actress, recording artist & assistant  to the heads of casting at Love & Hip Hop Miami. In whom I'm very proud of to say the least!


My Life Today

I'm very lucky to be doing what I love as my profession: Celebrity & Brand Consulting. I especially enjoy helping local artists and entertainers. This job allows me to  be an actress (which is one of my favorite fields) & work for directors / producers and meet interesting talent celebrity & independent. Its new people all the time as a Brand Consulting Agent. 

I hope we are able to work together soon! 

I'm especially fortunate to have obtained our Sponsor: Celebrity Jeweler "Mr. Goldman" to bring Celebrity Concerts to New Orleans and provide opportunities for indie / local artists across the country a  chance to open & perform for Top Billboard Recording Artist!

Reviews for Mz Dolla Opportunity -D. Curry


Industry & Executive Reviews

"If you're looking for someone to be the life of your next party, look no further. So many of my friends & the audience were laughing and crying, sometimes both when Mz Dolla D. Curry Performed Live at the Improv in  Coconut Groove Miami with her Big Cousin "Mark Curry" of "Hanging with Mr. Cooper!"

-Marinell Montoya "Celebrity Publicist"

When Mz Dolla Opportunity is Acting she reminds Us of: "Merrill Streep" the Producers / Camera Crew & I feel "Mz Dolla  Opportunity"  Turns It on & Off Like a Light Switch as:

 "Meryl Streep" does states.

-Harmony Korine Executive Producer & Director of multiple Movie's like : Spring Breakers & more.

In regards to “Art Deco Images 4D llc's' CEO D.Curry,
When I first met Ms. Curry, it was evident to me, that she had Game! Not the kind of game that is phony or contrived, but the kind of Game, where she is a team player, a team leader. She has a goal, in fact she has many -- along with tactics and plans to reach them. She has team members and when needed, she is smart enough to know when to lead and when to follow. Dorothea is fearless, strong and adaptable. She can have a conversation with anyone, from Lake Drive to Locust Street. I am profoundly impressed with Ms. Curry, and believe in her ability to not only shape herself and family, but to take part in shaping our community and this world.

May 18, 2009, Yolanda D White, was with the University of Wisconsin's Adult Education Division Supervisor where Dorothea Curry and the Savers Co. Got Game Professionals Ad Agency & Art Deco Images 4D llc.  where honored Speakers on campus. Yolanda D. White has also worked with Ms. Curry at Celebrity Events & Concerts Such as the "Yin Yang Twins"  & "DJ Scientist" at: "Club 618" in Milwaukee Wisconsin!

-Yolanda D. White


Art Deco Images 4D / Got Game & Dirty South Radio Mobile Office Miami 555 NE 15th St.

"This is one of the multiple offices Mz Dolla Opportunity & sponsors held for local talent and location for college students to learn for free advertising and marketing for: Art Deco Images 4D "Go Green Technology" programs designed to help Save & Re-cultivate the Rain Forest.  (Programs to restart soon due to Hurricane Irma we have relocated to another state and bringing programs back to Miami as well).


V Energy Casting Call

"I've already recommended this performer whom stole the show at the: V Energy Drink audition  where I referred several actors to & some were cast, although she was not casted for this commercial she had the whole staff quoting a catch phrase she restated: "Bye Felicia", they all loved her.

 Thank you to all my colleagues. They were so lovely and saw how professional my daughter is she went on to receive a call to assist one of the heads of casting for Love & Hip Hop Miami to refer talent where she was also an extra (3) times & myself (7) on the show. We can't wait to work with them again!"

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